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1、由项目 副经理组织各专业技术有关人员,找准、列全施工范围内的(分部、分项)工程及其相互之间(工序之间)成品保护的立项内容。

1. The deputy project manager organizes all relevant professional and technical personnel to identify and list the projects within the scope of construction (by parts and sub-items) and the project approval content of the product protection among projects (and inter-process).   长沙翻译公司推荐阅读

2、建立成 品保护例行检查制度,损坏其 专业施工成品的责任追究与经济处罚办法等。

2. Establish a routine inspection system for finished product protection and the way of being held responsible for and financial penalties for destroying its professional construction finished product.

3、建立层层交底制度,以达到 成品保护群体共识和全方位联动,不留空白、不留死角。

3. Establish layer-by-layer disclosure system to achieve the consensus of the protection of the finished product and all-round linkage, leaving no gaps or dead ends.

4、严格过程控制,严肃处 理损坏成品的各类事件,做到不姑息迁就,不漠然视之,坚持例 检工作的制度化、规范化;坚持责任追究、经济处罚、经济索赔并举,从而建 立强有力的制约机制。

4. Strictly control the process, seriously deal with all kinds of incidents of damaging finished products, do not tolerate, yield or consider it indifferently. Adhere to the institutionalization and standardization of the case inspection work; insist on accountability, financial punishment, and economic claims simultaneously to build powerful restriction mechanism.

(二)成品保 护工作的常规措施

 (II) Routine measures for the protection of finished products

1、工程物 资管理是保护施工成品的先决条件

1. Project material management is a prerequisite for the protection of finished construction products

(1)要以质量评定标准、施工及验收规范、交竣工 验收资料等规定要求为导向,确保工 程物资产品合格和配套资料的齐全。

(1) It is necessary to be guided by the requirements of quality assessment standards, construction and acceptance specifications, and completion acceptance data to ensure that project materials are qualified and complete with supporting materials.

(2)在装卸、运输、保管、施工过程中,应确保 工程物资本体不损、外表不伤、不受污染。

 (2) In the process of loading, unloading, transportation, storage, and construction, it shall be ensured that the project materials body is not damaged, the appearance is not injured and the materials are not contaminated.

(3)对仪器、仪表等 功能特殊的工程物资,应轻拿轻放,并采取特殊保护措施,防止元器件受损失。

 (3) The special project materials such as instruments and meters should be handled with care and special protective measures should be taken to prevent the damage of components.

(4)对有标 牌和应做色标标识的特殊材质工程物资,应精细管理,防止发 生错用而造成质量事故。

 (4) Precision management should be taken to manage special project materials with labels and that should have color markings to prevent misuse and cause quality accidents.

2、树立全 方位成品保护意识

2. Establish a comprehensive sense of protection for finished products

(1)搬运工程物资、施工机具、周转料具时,应先调查调查环境,避免损 坏在施或已建建(构)筑物。

 (1) When transporting project materials, construction equipment, and turnover materials, investigate the site environment in advance to avoid damage to existing or constructed (structures) constructions.

(2)地面湿作业时,应防止施工用水污染,损坏墙体、下层顶 棚或其它已安装的设备、管线等。

 (2) When the ground is wet, the construction water should be prevented from being contaminated to damage the wall, lower ceiling or other installed equipment and pipelines.

(3)在墙体 上开设穿管孔洞时,应使用钻孔设备。

 (3) Drilling equipment should be used when opening a hole through a wall.

必须在 楼地面上开槽时,应使用砼切割设备。

When the slot must be grooved on the ground floor, the concrete cutting machine should be used.

3、安装专 业在土建现场预留预埋的注意事项

3. Precautions for pre-embedding works in civil engineering site

(1)应预先核准预留、预埋的 具体尺寸的走向。

 (1) The reserved and pre-embedded concrete dimensions and directions should be approved in advance.

(2)配合中 心不得随意松落钢筋绑线,不得移动本筋,不得踏压钢筋。

 (2) The coordination center must not loosen the rebar binding wire at will, move the rebar or tread on the rebar.

(3)加强看护和保护工作,以免在浇注、振捣砼时,造成预 留埋件的移位和损坏。

 (3) Strengthen the care and protection work so as to avoid displacement and damage of the reserved embedment pieces during casting and vibration.

在楼板上开洞时,严禁损 伤或剔断楼板配筋。

When opening holes in the floor, it is prohibited to damage or cut off the floor rebar.

(4)避雷引下线、室外沿 墙及穿墙管线施工中,应避免 外墙饰面操作和污染。

 (4) During the construction of lightning deflectors, outdoor walls and through-wall pipelines, exterior wall facing operations and pollution should be avoided.

暗设于基础中的管道,应与土 建专业密切配合,与基础施工同步进行。

The pipelines that are hidden in the foundation should be closely coordinated with the civil work profession and be synchronized with the foundation construction.

接地网 应在建筑物散水工程施工之前进行。

The grounding grid construction should be carried out before the construction of the building's aproll project.

4、室内设 备或管道系统试验试运行的注意事项

4. Precautions for trial operation of indoor equipment or piping system

(1)水压试 验和系统试运行时应预先检试地漏及排水管道是否畅通,排水管、溢流管位置是否到位,以防跑水、漏水损 坏墙面和室内其它装修。

 (1) During the hydraulic pressure test and system test run, whether the floor drain and the drainage pipe are unblocked, and whether the drainage pipe and the overflow pipe are in place should be checked in advance to prevent running water and water leakage from damaging the wall surface and indoor decoration.

(2)管道吹扫时,管路上的仪表、阀门等 应于吹扫前拆除,不能参加管道吹扫。

 (2) During the pipeline purging, the instruments and valves on the pipeline should be removed before the purge and cannot participate in the pipeline purge.

5、与吊顶 相关的各专业施工注意事项

5. Matters related to all professionals' construction of ceilings

(1)安装施工前,应预先进行水、电等专 业图纸预审确定管线走向,以及平 行交叉时的间距、专业施工顺序、各专业子项工序等。

 (1) Prior to installation and construction, pre-examination of professional drawings such as water and electricity should be conducted in advance to determine the direction of the pipelines, the spacing between parallel crossings, the professional construction sequence, and the sequence of each professional's sub-projects.

(2)安装与 吊顶装饰有关施工方应事先进行洽商,以预防龙骨阻路,并尽量 减少因固定上述安装件而加设的龙骨数量。

 (2) The parties of Installation and ceiling decoration should negotiate in advance to prevent the keel stoppage, and minimize the number of keels added to fix the above installations.

(3)吊顶内 的安装工程全部完成(包括检验、试验)之后,方可吊顶。

 (3) After the installation work in the ceiling is completed (including inspection and test), the ceiling can be suspended.

吊顶工作完成后,严禁安 装专业进入其内施工。

After the ceiling work is completed, the installation professional is forbidden to do constructions in it.


6. Other preventive measures

(1)灯具、开关、插座等 安装应在土建喷浆之前进行。

 (1) The installation of lamps, switches, sockets, etc. shall be carried out before the whitewashing of civil work.

在土建喷浆施工中,安装作 业方应采取措施,保护已安装的设备、管道、保温保冷体、散热器等不受污染。

In the whitewashing of civil work, the installation operator shall take measures to protect the installed equipment, pipelines, insulation, radiators, etc. from pollution.

(2)地面施工中,应防止 砂浆或其它杂物堵塞地漏。

 (2) During the construction of the ground, mortar or other debris should be prevented from blocking the floor drain.

(3)不得利 用已安装的管道做吊挂负荷的受力点,不得利 用已安装的设备、管道作 为支撑而搭设脚手架。

 (3) Do not use the installed pipeline as a stress point for hanging load, and do not use the installed equipment or pipeline as a support to build a scaffold.

(4)在电焊施工中,不得将 焊接零线通过转动设备或有阀门、法蓝的管线,以免与 焊接件形成电气回路,造成电 火花而损伤传动部件、阀门芯体、法蓝密封面等。

 (4) In the welding construction, the welding zero line shall not pass through the rotating equipment or the pipelines with valves and flanges so as not to form an electric circuit with the welding parts and cause electric sparks to damage the transmission parts, the valve core, the flange sealing surface, etc. .

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