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3. 双方签 订备忘录以后应采取的行动

3. Actions to be taken after both Parties sign the Memorandum

3.1 尽快履 行会议召开前的准备与联络

3.1 Perform the preparation and liaison before the conference is held as soon as possible

双方应 尽快投入到本次会议的准备环节,甲方指 定专人与乙方采用电子邮件、电话、即使沟 通软件等进行具体细节的沟通,确定会议的细节问题。

Both Parties shall throw themselves into the preparatory work for this conference as soon as possible. Party A shall designate specially-assigned person to communicate with Party B for the specific details via email, telephone, real-time communication software and etc, so as to determine the detail matters of the conference.

为了保 障双方的合作利益,合作会 议及科学研究的联络工作仅与甲方指定的专人进行对接,不得与其他人员(包括NUFE的教师和领导)进行联络与答复。

To guarantee the mutual benefits of both Parties, it can only contact with the specially-assigned personnel for any work related to the cooperation conference and scientific research, and shall not contact with or respond to any other person (including any NUFE teacher and leader).

3.2 双方积 极准备后续的面谈与签约

3.2 Both Parties shall actively prepare the subsequent interviews and contract signing

双方应 进一步确定下次的会谈时间,拟定于6月在南 京签订会议的正式合同以、特聘教 授聘任及合作研究合同。签约将 由甲方安排签约人员、时间及地点。

Both Parties shall further determine the time of next meeting. It is scheduled to sign the formal contract for the conference and the contract for Distinguished Professor engagement and cooperative research in Nanjing in June. Party A shall arrange the contract-signing personnel, time, and place.


4. Confidential Data

4.1本备忘 录签署前以及在本备忘录有效期内,一方(披露方)曾经或 可能不时向对方(受方)披露该方的商业、营销、技术、科学或其他资料,这些资 料在披露当时被指定为保密资料(或类似标注),或者在 保密的情况下披露,或者经 双方的合理商业判断为保密资料(保密资料)。在本备 忘录有效期内以及随后   1 年(月)内,受方必须:

 Before this Memorandum is signed and within the valid period of this Memorandum, any one Party (the “Disclosing Party”) once or may from time to time disclose such Party’s commercial, marketing, technical, scientific or other data to the other party (the “Receiving Party”), and such data is designated as Confidential Data (or similar annotation) at the time of disclosure or such data is disclosed under confidentiality or such data is judged as confidential data (the “Confidential Data”) upon reasonable commercial judgment by both Parties. Within the valid period of this Memorandum and the subsequent 1 year (months), the Receiving Party must:


A. Keep the Confidential Data secret;+

B不得用 于除本备忘录明确规定的目的外其它目的;

B. Not use it for any other purpose other than those purposes expressly specified in this Memorandum;

C除为履 行其职责而确有必要知悉保密资料的该方雇员(或其关联机构、该方律 师或其他顾问人员)外,不向其他任何人披露,且上述 人员须签署书面保密协议,其中保 密义务的严格程度不得低于本第   条的规定。

C. Not disclose to any other person except the employees of such party (or its associated organizations, such party’s attorney(s), or other consultant(s)) who have to know such Confidential Data for performing their duties and responsibilities, and such personnel shall sign Confidential Agreement in written, wherein the stringency of confidentiality duty shall be no lower than the provisions in this clause.

4.2上述第4.1条的条 款对以下资料不适用:

4.2 Following data is not applicable for the provisions in aforesaid Clause 4.1:

A受方有 在披露方向其披露前存在的书面记录证明其已经掌握;

A. The Receiving Party has a written record existing before the disclosure of the Disclosing Party and certifying that the Receiving Party has already known the disclosed data;

B并非由 于受方违反本备忘录而已经或者在将来键入公共领域;或

B. The disclosed data has already been or will be input into the public field not due to the Receiving Party’s breach of this Memorandum; or

C受方从 对该信息无保密义务的第三方获得。

C. The Receiving Party obtains such data from a third party without any confidentiality duty on such data.

4.3本备忘 录期满或终止后,受方应(1)向对方归还(或经对方要求销毁)包含对 方保密资料的所有材料(含复印件),并且(2)在对方 提出此项要求后十日内向对方书面保证已经归还或销毁上述材料。

4.3 After this Memorandum expires or is terminated, the Receiving Party shall (1) return all materials (including the copies) including the Confidential Data to the other party (or destroy these materials as required by the other party), and (2) guarantee such return or destruction of aforesaid materials to the other party in written within ten days after the other party raises such a requirement.


5. Exclusive Negotiation

             日前,任何一 方不得直接或间接与第三方就本备忘录标的事项进行任何磋商、谈判,达成谅 解或任何形式的协议或安排。

Before                 [date], any party shall not directly or indirectly make any consultation or negotiation, or reach any understanding, agreement or arrangement in any form on the target matters in this Memorandum with any third party.


6. Confidentiality of Contents in this Memorandum

除非按 照法律规定有合理必要,未经另 一方事先书面同意,任何一 方不得就本备忘录发表任何公开声明或进行任何披露。

Unless reasonably necessary according to law, without prior consent from the other party in written, any party shall not release any public announcement or make any disclosure for this Memorandum.


7. Intellectual Property

双方确 认一方并未因本备忘录从另一方获得该方任何知识产权(包括但不限于著作权、商标、商业秘密、专业技术等)或针对 该知识产权的权利。

Both Parties confirms that, any party has not obtain any intellectual property (including but not limited to copyright, trademark, commercial secret, technical expertise and etc) of the other party or any right for such intellectual property from such other party because of this Memorandum.


8. Modification of this Memorandum

对本备忘录进行修改,需双方 共同书面同意方可进行。

The modification of this Memorandum shall be based on a joint consent from both Parties in written.


9. Binding / Unbinding Clauses of this Memorandum

双方确认,除第   条、第4条至第13条(包括第4条、第13条)对双方具有约束力外,本备忘 录不是具有约束力或可强制履行的协议或项目合同,也不在 双方之间设定实施任何行为的义务,无论该 行为是否在本备忘录中明确规定应实施还是拟实施。

Both Parties confirm that, this Memorandum is neither a binding or enforceable agreement or project contract nor set any obligation of performing any action between both Parties regardless of whether such action should be performed or is planned to be performed upon expressly stipulated in this Memorandum except that Clause , Clause 4 to Clause 13 (including Clause 4 and Clause 13) are binding on both Parties.


10. Transfer of this Memorandum

未经对 方事先书面同意,任何一 方不得转让本备忘录。

Any party shall not transfer this Memorandum without prior written consent from the other party.


11. Each Party Bears its own Expense

除非本 备忘录另有明确约定,任何一 方应负担其从事本备忘录规定的活动所发生的费用。

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in this Memorandum, any party shall bear the expenses incurred for the activities undertaken by such party as provided in this Memorandum.


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