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The tank container is suitable for the combined railroad, highway, and waterway transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The design, fabrication, inspection and acceptance shall be in compliance with the relevant regulations in standard specifications including Mobile Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Specification (TSG R0005-2011), Pressure Vessel (GB/T 150.1~GB/T 150.4-2011), ASME Ⅷ.1 2017 ED, US DOT (CFR49), ADR/RID, Cryogenic Liquid Tank Container (JB/T 4784-2007), CAG341, Technology Requirement and Test Method of Liquid, Gas and Pressure Dry and Bulk Cargo Tank Container (GB6898-1997), International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (Amdt.35-12), Container Inspection Specification-2016, etc.

本罐箱适用于铁路、公路、水路联运液化天然气(LNG)。本罐箱按照TSG R0005-2011《移动式 压力容器安全技术监察规程》、GB/T 150.1~GB/T 150.4-2011《压力容器》、

ASME Ⅷ.1 2017 ED、US DOT(CFR49)、ADR/RID、JB/T 4784-2007《低温液体罐式集装箱》、CAG341、GB/T 16563-1996《液体、气体及 加压干散货罐式集装箱技术要求和试验方法》、GB6898-1997《低温液 体储运设备安全使用规则》、《国际海 运危险货物运输规则》Amdt.35-12、《集装箱检验规范》-2016等标准 规范的相关规定进行设计、制造、检验和验收。

2. Brief Introduction of Structure

  2. 结构简介

 The tank container is mainly composed of parts including frames, tanks, valve boxes, etc. and the specified logos are sprayed and affixed.

本罐箱主要由框架、罐体、阀门箱等部件组成,并喷涂 和粘贴规定的标识。

2.1 Frame

 2.1 框架

    The frame is welded by components such as corner fittings, corner posts, longitudinal beams, and end beams.


2.2 Tank

   2.2 罐体

    The tank is the main component of the tank container and is used to contain cryogenic liquids. The tank consists of the inner vessel and the outer shell. A radial support structure is used between the inner vessel and the outer shell (Note: one end is tight and the other end can slide to compensate for the expansion and contraction of the inner container cylinder material), and the connection is firm. The tank's thermal insulation structure adopts high vacuum multi-layer insulation. The connection between the tank and the container frame employs longitudinal beam welding structure at the bottom and the welding structure of skirt-type connecting plates at the end.

罐体是 本罐箱的主要部件,是用来 盛装低温液体的设备。罐体由 内容器和外壳组成。内容器 与外壳之间采用径向支撑结构(注:一端紧固,另一端滑动,以补偿 内容器筒体材料的热胀冷缩),并连接牢固。罐体绝 热结构为高真空多层绝热。罐体与 集装箱框架的连接采用底部纵梁焊接结构、端部裙 座式连接板焊接结构。

With regard to the external pressure stability of the outer shell of the tank container, the collapse pressure of the outer shell is checked in accordance with the IMDG and CGA, and Hefei General Machinery Research Institute has been entrusted to conduct the finite element analysis of external pressure stability of the outer shell as a supplementary check, of which all calculation results meet the standard requirements.

本罐箱 对于外壳外压稳定性,依据IMDG及CGA对外壳 进行垮塌压力校核,并委托 合肥通用机械研究院对外壳外压稳定性进行有限元分析作为补充校核,所有计 算结果均满足标准要求。

2.3 Valve Instrument Box

2.3 阀门仪表箱

The valve instrument box is set on the side of the tank. Various valves, gauges and safety accessories required for the operation of the tank container are concentrated in the box. The specific operation steps are elaborated in detail in part 5 of this manual. The safety accessories in the valve box are as follows:

阀门仪 表箱设置在罐体侧部,箱内集 中了罐箱操作时所需的各种阀门、仪表和安全附件,具体操 作流程详见本说明书第5部分。阀门箱 中的安全附件如下:

1). Safety valve


      The safety valve is a device for the safe discharge when the medium in the tank exceeds the opening pressure, and is vertically installed on the gas phase pipeline. The types of the safety valve and the opening pressure are detailed in the completion drawings.

安全阀 是罐体内介质超过开启压力时安全泄放的装置,垂直装于气相管路上。安全阀 的型号及开启压力详见竣工图。

 2). Three-way valve


    The three-way valve is used to connect and control the two set of safety valves pipelines. It can replace and overhaul one set of the safety valves without relieving pressure. The two set of safety valves are controlled by one three-way switching valve. When the handle of the three-way switching valve is at 0°or 180°, one set of safety valves can be connected respectively; when the handle is at about 90°, then two safety valves can be connected.

三通阀 用于连接和控制两套安全阀管路,可在不 泄压的情况下更换、检修其中一套安全阀。两套安 全阀由一只三通切换阀控制,当三通 切换阀手柄处于0°或180°时分别 可接通一套安全阀;当手柄处于90°左右时,此时可 接通二只安全阀。

3). Level gauge


The level gauge is an instrument for measuring the liquid level in the tank. When it is used, the steps of switching on and off the meter should be strictly followed: When the liquid phase valve, gas phase valve and balance valve are closed, if you want to turn on the meter, switch on the balance valve first, then slowly switch on the liquid and gas valves, and finally switch off the balance valve. By now, the reading indicated by the pointer is the liquid level in the tank. To end the measurement, the balance valve should be switched on first, then the liquid phase valve and gas phase valve can be switched off, and the balance valve can be switched off at last.

液位计 是罐体内液体液位高度的测量装置。使用时 应严格遵守开停表步骤:当液、气相阀 及平衡阀都关闭的情况下,开表时 应先打开平衡阀,然后慢慢开启液相阀,气相阀,最后再关闭平衡阀。这时指 针指示读数即为该罐液面高度。停止测量时,应先开启平衡阀,再关闭液相阀,气相阀,最后再关闭平衡阀。

4). Outer tank explosion-proof lid


The outer tank explosion-proof lid is installed on the upper part of the outer vessel and is a component constituting an interlayer space. Due to the negative pressure of the interlayer space, the explosion-proof lid is pressed against its sealing seat. Once the micro-leakage occurs in the inner vessel of the tank container, the medium of the inner vessel may infiltrate into the interlayer space and vaporize, so that the level of vacuum in the interlayer space reduces. When a positive pressure is formed in the interlayer space, the explosion-proof lid will be opened and the pressure in the interlayer space will be relieved. At this time, the situation shall be handled in a timely manner to ensure safety. To ensure the insulation of the tank container, the explosion-proof lid cannot be removed or collided.

外罐防 爆盖安装在外容器上部,是构成 夹层空间的一个部件。由于夹 层空间的负压作用,使防爆 盖紧压在其密封座上。一旦罐 箱内容器有微漏发生时内容器的介质就有可能渗入夹层空间并汽化,使夹层真空度下降。当夹层 空间形成正压后,防爆盖便会被打开,使夹层泄压,此时应 及时处理确保安全。为确保 罐箱的绝热性能,不得拆 卸和碰撞防爆盖。

5). Pneumatic emergency stop valve device


The pneumatic emergency stop valve device consists of an emergency stop valve and its pneumatic control system. The emergency stop valves are installed at the gas outlet, the pressure outlet and the liquid phase outlet of the inner tank, as the loading and unloading devices of the tank container. The pneumatic control system comprises a gas source valve and 3 two-position three-way residual pressure relief valves.

气动紧急切断阀装置,是由紧 急切断阀及其气动控制系统组成。紧急切 断阀分别装在内罐的气相出口、增压口和液相出口,是罐箱的装卸装置。气动控 制系统由一个气源阀及3个两位 三通残压释放阀组成。

Its can be applied to quickly cut off the liquid and air current in an emergent situation, so as to prevent fire by cutting off air source..

其作用 是在紧急情况下,能快速切断液、气流,达到切 断气源防止火灾的目的。

The operating method of the pneumatic control system is to switch on the corresponding two-position three-way valve for ventilation if you want to switch on one of the emergency stop valves. If it is necessary to switch off it, relieve the pressure of the corresponding two-position three-way valve; if all the emergency stop valves need to be switched off, it can be achieved by relieving the pressure of the two-position three-way valve at the far end of the valve box or of all the two-position three-way valves at the proximal end. Read the pipeline flow scheme for details.

气动控 制系统的使用方法是,需要打 开哪个紧急切断阀,将其对 位的两位三通阀通气;如需将其关闭,则将对 位的两位三通阀泄压;如需全部关闭,则可通 过阀门箱远端的两位三通阀或将近端的所有两位三通阀泄压来实现。具体详见管路流程图。

When there is a malfunction of the pneumatic control system which results in the inability to provide the driving air source for the valve normally, the hand wheel at the top of the emergency stop valve can be utilized to perform the loading and unloading operations. After the operation is completed, the valve shall be reset manually.

当气动 控制系统出现故障,无法正 常向阀门提供驱动气源时,可操作 紧急切断阀顶部的手轮进行装卸作业,作业完 成后应进行手动复位。

Warning: When the valve is opened by hand wheel, no emergent cut-off can be performed to the valve if there is a malfunction.

警告:当用手轮打开阀门后,若出现故障,阀门不 能实现紧急切断。

When an accident such as a fire occurs, the emergency stop valve can be controlled manually or automatically. Manual control can be achieved by switching off the two-position three-way valve located far away from the outlet of the medium to relieve the pressure, thus the stop valve can be switched off. Automatic control is realized through the airbag on the valve. When the valve is unattended, as the ambient temperature exceeds the heat-resistant temperature of the airbag, the airbag will be melted, relieving the pressure, thus the stop valve is automatically switched off, preventing continuous flowing of the medium and the aggravation of the accident.

当发生 火灾等意外情况时,紧急切 断阀的关闭可由手控,也可自控。手控时 通过关闭设在远离介质出口出的两位三通阀,泄掉气压,使紧急切断阀关闭。自控是通过阀上气囊,在无人操作时,由于环 境温度超过气囊耐热温度时,易气囊被熔化,气囊泄压,切断阀自动关闭,阻止介质继续流动,防止事故扩大。

6). Pressure gauge


The pressure gauge installed on the tank is a shock-proof pressure gauge with an accuracy level of 1.6. The red mark on the gauge dial corresponds to the highest operating pressure, which can serve as a warning.

罐体上 安装的压力表为耐震压力表,精度为1.6级。压力表 刻度盘上对应于最高工作压力处涂有红色标记,起警示作用。

7). Earth and fire protection devices


Static electricity conductive plates are devices that eliminate static electricity generated during traveling, loading and unloading of the tank container, and are installed on the bottom end beam of the tank container. The grounding of the device shall be ensured during the process of transportation, loading and unloading.

导静电 板是消除罐箱行驶和装卸过程中所产生的静电的装置,安装于罐箱的下端梁。运输及 装卸过程中应保证装置可靠接地。

Fire extinguishers are equipped on the tank container in case of special conditions. Read the fire extinguisher’s operating instructions for operation steps.

罐箱上备有灭火器,供特殊情况下使用。使用方 法详见灭火器使用说明书。

Main technical parameters are listed in the following table

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